About André Engelhardt

My entire professional life has revolved around all kinds of media. Starting in the early 2000’s as a consultant in music production technology before even studying exactly this field later at Berklee College of Music, I soon found myself on the intersection of film, music, video games and art creating Machinima and consulting businesses and organizations such as Sun Microsystems, IBM, War Child and many others. After doing this for a few years I started slipping into the role of sound designer and mix engineer for many commercial and artistic productions for Starbucks, Trelleborg, KraussMaffei, Linde and many others. Ultimately starting my own film production company, catering to small and medium businesses and organizations known as Sound’r Film & Ton.

My constant companion in every endeavor, private and work wise, is my trusty camera. Starting with analog photography of the instant camera type when I was barely able to walk over compact point and shoots to maturing to my first Leica analog film camera and finally jumping into the digital realm. Starting with a Nikon Coolpix 885 around 2002 and since then stepping up the ladder of Nikon DSLRs such as the D70s, D5200 to now arriving at the full frame mirrorless Z series, also by Nikon.

I’ve now made Photography a good 50% of my business and it’s the type of work I still enjoy more than anything else. Not only because I can claim that every trip to fantastic locations is “for work”.

On this site I present you with some of my work, give behind the scenes insight in how some of the images come together (along with my channel over on YouTube), give reviews, hints and tips of over 20 years of professional multimedia content production and of course allow you to order prints and other photo items as well as find more information and book photo tutorials, one on one training and walking tours in one of the most beautiful areas in Germany, the Unesco World Heritage Site that is the Upper Middle Rhine Valley as well as the Moselle Valley stretching from Koblenz to Trier and my back yard, the nature park “Siebengebirge” with its magnificent castle ruins, forests and views stretching all the way over the Rhine to Cologne and Düsseldorf (on a clear day!). 

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.